Hosting a wedding can be tough. You will need to think about a venue, decorations, invitations, catering and of course your dress! The stress can quickly mount up and so can the expenses. Those who wish to have a phenomenal event and also do so within budget, often consider wedding tent rental as an option – and what a beautiful option this can be! Hiring a tent could turn into the best decision that you and your partner can make for your celebration and here’s why:

  • Wedding tents have come a long way since the traditional tent with a centre pole and limited space to work with. In this day and age, designers have worked hard to produce tents that can create elite function spaces, such as ballrooms with dining areas, walkways, entertainment zones and so on. Gone are the days where this type of shelter was just a covering for a wedding – now they can be the entire attraction for the wedding itself.
  • Tents offer high ceilings and this means that you can simply go wild with your décor. Fairy lights and draping will transform your marquee into a gorgeous wonderland and chances are that you will be able to create your dream wedding far easier than you would in a rented hall or room.
  • Any present poles can be used for added decoration. Have them wrapped in draping or simply adorned with flowers and fairy lights. If you are having an evening wedding, they can certainly set the appeal with a soft glow of lighting.
  • Flooring can be provided. Many people believe that if they are hiring a tent, they will have to deal with wet, uneven or often sandy flooring. This is just not true. You can arrange for proper flooring to be provided, which will ensure that your guests have a comfortable and safe time getting around, and that they can also dance the night away safely, without having to worry about potential injuries.

As is the case with everything in life, precautions need to be taken. Certain tents will require a permit when being rigged, in order to comply with local municipality regulations. Your rental company should be able to include this in their service. Also ensure that you have taken safety into consideration and have fire extinguishers available just in case something goes awry.

At Tentworx, we are dedicated to ensuring that your wedding is a success. We offer stretch tents, peg and pole tents, as well as frame tents for you to choose from. If you are unsure of what size you need, simply chat to one of our consultants who will use your guest count to calculate the approximate size required. We will also provide you with a wealth of advice and guidance when it comes to choosing the right tent for the big day.

We encourage you to talk to us about our various wedding tent rental options and will ensure that we are always available to attend to your queries and concerns. Allow us to make your day absolutely stunning with our range of upmarket and durable tents for hire.