Looking for something different and exceptionally romantic for your special occasion? Then making use of our wedding tent rental services is the answer. We offer three types of tents for rental:

  • Marquees
  • Frame
  • Bedouin

Each type has its own appeal and special features of which we discuss a few below.


It is the traditional white canvas tent, but with advances in technology it has become possible to offer marquees with roll-down sides and even windows. Because of its sturdy structure, marquees tents can accommodate up to 2 000 people at a time. We offer you several sizes as part of our wedding tent rental services and whether you want a small intimate wedding or a large ceremony, we can meet your particular requirements. Note that the classic marquees must be erected on a rather level surface, but we can work with slopes as well.


The frame tent has an aluminium frame, which makes it rather lightweight. Because it doesn’t have the peg and pole structure of the marquees, it can be erected on wooden, concrete, asphalt and grass surfaces with ease. In addition, because it doesn’t have any pegs and poles besides the aluminium frame, it can be erected indoors or near walls. This is the type of tent to select if you have limited space.


The Bedouin is similar to the Middle-Eastern caravan tents. It has a stretch fabric and because of such, offers exceptional flexibility in design. Indeed, the stunning styles available make for romantic settings. The stretch fabric is waterproof, UV resistant, and fire retardant. These tents can be erected indoors and outdoors on just about any type of surface.

We assist you in calculating the size of tent and will recommend the right type according to your location. With a setup crew available, you don’t need any technical expertise in erecting the tent.

Another reason for making use of our wedding tent rental services is our catering service offering. Our sister company, Dine by Design, specialises in event culinary requirements. We offer hospitality staff members to ensure impeccable food serving, fantastic plating, beautifully arranged buffets and deliciously prepared barbeque. Whether you want to host a formal dinner or want a spitbraai, you will not be disappointed with the menu options.

Our wedding tent rental service is complemented by our range of catering equipment, including tableware, chairs, tables, décor, glassware, crockery, linen, event flooring and dance flooring. Everything you need to host a romantic and memorable wedding ceremony can thus be obtained from one trusted supplier.

Our expertise in décor is exceptional. With a team of well-trained personnel, we also offer amazing drapes combined with ambient lighting. As can be seen from the above, we provide turnkey solutions, allowing our clients to focus on their events and the enjoyment thereof, instead of having to be concerned about logistics and details.

Whether you just want to make use of our wedding tent rental services or want us to provide you with catering, catering equipment and décor as well, you will find our services to be affordable, professional and of superior quality.