At TentWorx, we operate throughout South Africa, but our main service areas are the Gauteng, Free State, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North-West provinces. Our services also include décor, catering and function services.

With the affordability of our services, expertise on offer and the superior quality products we offer, we’ve developed a reputation for excellence over the years. We offer tent hire for:

  • Product launches.
  • VIP lunches and events.
  • Weddings.
  • Birthday parties.
  • Family reunions.
  • Product sales, such as book or antique auctions and sales.
  • Trade exhibitions.
  • Sponsorship events.
  • Golf days.

The above are, but a few, examples of when you will want to hire one of the well-maintained and highly functional tents available from us at TentWorx. You may, for instance, host a music event or a beer garden and in all such instances, you will want protection from weather elements to ensure that the event is not jeopardised because of rain and wind.

The tents provide frames which can be used for draping and with a variety of décor options available, there is simply no reason why your particular function venue shouldn’t look stunning.

Types of Tents

We offer the hire of everything from the traditional to the modern marquee tents, frame tents and the very popular and stylish Bedouin tents.

Frame Tents

The frame tents feature lightweight aluminium frames which are ideal for corporate functions, birthday parties, weddings and any type of event where you want protection from weather elements. The aluminium frame tents are also perfect for weekend markets and for corporate year-end functions. With their white canvas and minimum poles, the frame tents provide ample dancing space and no obstacles in the visual pathway. With these frame tents, you also have various lighting design options and can use stretch panels or draping to create a wonder world.

With their waterproof features, these tents are perfect for outdoor events, even in rainy conditions or during the cold winter months. We use the tents in conjunction with the event plastic flooring, in order to ensure a professional and elegant indoor area. Boasting a contemporary style, the tents are exceptionally popular in the corporate world.

You can place the tents close to walls and on wooden decks, because you don’t have to be concerned about stretched cables and poles. The frame tents that we offer for hire can be tailored to the number of people and the seating arrangements that you have in mind.

Marquee Tents

The marquee tents are the traditional peg and pole tents and feature white cotton canvas or the modern PVC canvas. Also waterproof, the tents are well-suited for weddings, birthday parties and any type of event you want to host. We offer from 5×5 metre sizes to the largest possible sizes, able to accommodate as many as 2 500 guests at a time.  The marquee tents are extremely sturdy and if you want to host a large event, we recommend the marquee tents.

Bedouin Tents

The Bedouin style tents are very popular for music events and are also used at golf days and corporate sponsor days. Featuring the typical Bedouin architecture, these tents are waterproof, versatile in design and exceptionally stylish. We offer various sizes, seating from 25 to 500 persons, for hire. Also known as stretch tents, the tent canvasses are fireproof and UV resistant. If you’re looking for a tent that can be shaped according to your requirements, even on rough or uneven terrain, we suggest the Bedouin style. Although the sides are not completely down, you can have a fully open or partially open tent for your function.

Contact us for a quote and experience why so many companies and private individuals make use of our tent hire services.