Irrespective of whether you are planning a corporate launch, year-end function, 21st birthday bash, gala event or wedding, you need to stay with the times when it comes to style and décor. Although most companies that offer tents to hire, only supply white, ivory or beige tents, you don’t have to keep with white, because the décor trends for 2015/2016 are leading the way with tremendously exciting features.

Keep it Sustainable

Climate change, global warming, carbon emissions, rhino protection and such topics are hot at present, whether you agree with the topics or not. Going green seems to be exceptionally fashionable and will stay so for a few years. Getting your tent to reflect the topics of the day is far easier than you may have thought:

  • Add recycle bins – of course, very stylish ones to encourage recycling of glass bottles and any types of plastics.
  • Serve organic food or food grown through sustainable farming practices.
  • Serve healthy foods and drinks.
  • Only serve locally produced foods.
  • Use LEDs instead of incandescent lights to show your support for sustainable energy usage.
  • Décor with plants to create an oasis feeling.
  • Use recycled materials for the creation of the invites.
  • Create a natural living wall with fresh vegetables, herbs or other plants as the backdrop.
  • Add a little water fountain.

Formal is Good

The modern marquees, Bedouin and frame tents available for hire are all well suited for black-tie event hosting. Maximise the potential of these tents with a theme, such as the Roaring 20s with Gatsby and black-tie dress code and classic jazz bands to entertain. Add sparkling wine to the menu and make it a formal sit-down gala event, complete with a red carpet and ushers at the entrance. Search the internet for Gatsby formal themes and you will be surprised by the many inspirational ideas that you’ll get.

Artsy is Fancy

Another theme that is rather prominent for 2015/2016 tent events is the Art Gallery or Deco theme, which is especially well suited for weddings, as the theme in particular supports crafts, paintings, colours and drapes. With this kind of theme, your imagination is your only limit. It can be used for formal and informal tent settings with equal success. Use fancy tableware or decorate the cutlery with artsy crafts.

Other Trends to Observe

Although some companies now offer colour tents to hire, the trend is still focused on white, beige and ivory, simply because a colour tent limits you in the theme, colour tone and event type that you can host. With the white fabrics, one can use colourful draping to transform the tent into a wonderland. With themes such as Fire & Ice still going strong, while children’s stories such as Alice in Wonderland never seem to lose their vogue, you can be assured that décor will be stunning for such events.

Add inflatable structures to the entrance to lead the path or to create huge facades. Inflatable structures have become rather popular while skilful decoration with fairy lights seems to be the way to go if you want to create a romantic setting.  If you fear that you may struggle with décor, then make use of companies such as TentWorx, who offer professional décor services, catering and the tableware, in addition to tent hire services.